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Explore the DS Group’s CSR Efforts in Sustainability, Education, and Livelihood


Built on a bedrock of ethical values and a community-first approach, the DS Group sees Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an essential element in its business strategy. DS Group CSR initiatives are not just cursory corporate duties; they aim to generate long-lasting benefits for marginalized communities by tackling social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Key Focus Areas

The DS Group focuses on three main pillars of CSR:

  • Water conservation for sustainability
  • Livelihood improvement
  • Education

These projects are designed with the understanding that local wisdom and skills are crucial for long-term societal progress. Thus, the Group seeks active involvement from all stakeholders, community organizations, and renowned NGOs.

Dharampal Satyapal CSR Activities

Water Conservation Initiative for Sustainability

Understanding the urgency for water conservation, the DS Group has launched a series of region-specific water management projects. Collaborating with grassroots organizations, they have initiated programs in states such as Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat.

The projects range from building water storage structures to renovating existing water bodies, and even introducing more efficient irrigation practices. The water conservation initiative by DS Group has improved water availability on both surface and sub-surface levels, subsequently boosting agricultural output and uplifting local economies.

Here’s an example of how the DS Group conglomerate is working on water conservation in Rajasthan.

Water Economic Zones, Udaipur

Launched in 2018, the ‘Creation of Water Economic Zone’ is an ambitious project aimed at resource optimization in Udaipur. Partnering with Mahan Seva Sansthan and Arpan Seva Sansthan, the initiative focuses on two key watershed areas, Alsigarh and Kurabad. The project aims to uplift over 23,000 tribal residents across 26 villages by revitalizing around 11,000 hectares of land. Addressing the region’s issues of low agricultural productivity, soil erosion, and land degradation, the initiative is enhancing water resources to boost livelihoods through both on-farm and off-farm activities. Currently, the project spans 9,214 hectares, benefiting numerous tribal and rural communities.

Livelihood Upliftment Programs

Promoting equitable growth is another core mission for the conglomerate, thus, they have started the DS Group Livelihood Enhancement Initiative.

Under this initiative, the Group has designed a myriad of projects that aim to upskill people from disadvantaged backgrounds, focusing on areas such as agriculture, livestock management, and financial literacy. These community-inclusive projects are active across multiple states, including Maharashtra, Assam, and Tripura. The emphasis is on leveraging local knowledge to create programs that are sustainable in the long term.

Below is an example of how the Group is helping farmers in Uttar Pradesh.

AvartansheelKheti, Bundelkhand

The DS Group has initiated a transformative livelihood project in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, designed to empower farmers with sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices. The core of the project is ‘AvartansheelKheti,’ a form of organic farming that minimizes farmers’ reliance on external resources like seeds, water, and pesticides. By teaching farmers this self-sufficient farming method, the initiative aims to impact approximately 3,300 farmers positively. The goal isto provide them with the tools to adapt to changing climate conditions, thereby securing their livelihoods for the long term.

Educational Endeavours

Believing in the transformative power of education, the DSGroup India’s CSR initiatives are dedicated to providing quality schooling, particularly for underprivileged children.

These programs range from foundational education for tribal and urban communities to skills-focused training for older students. In line with this, they’ve launched the ‘Creativity Adda’ project to enhance educational experiences for government school students in Delhi.

Creativity Adda, Delhi

Creativity Adda offers a groundbreaking educational approach, encouraging students to steer their own learning journeys. Developed as a self-directed space, the program lets children discover their passions through a diverse range of activities – from digital skills to traditional arts, sports, and even cooking. In partnership with ShikshantarSansthan, the organization has rolled out this concept in three Delhi schools, furthering the Group’s ongoing commitments to skill development, social entrepreneurship, and quality education.


By championing projects that address water scarcity, promote sustainable livelihoods, and offer educational opportunities, the DS Group is making a profound impact on community welfare. Their comprehensive, holistic approach to CSR shows their commitment to social development, economic upliftment, and environmental sustainability.


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