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Jeff Lupient Talks About the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show


The first ever automobile show in the United States was hosted on 3rd November, 1900 in New York.  Over time, these shows have become increasingly popular among car manufacturers, dealerships and customers. As per Jeff Lupient, a large number of people especially get attracted to auto shows due to the brand-centric experience they provide. These shows are fun and entertaining, and give people a chance to check out new vehicles, compare and shop. Lupient is the CEO and President of the Lupient Automotive Group. As the 2018 GMADA Chair, he also played a role in organizing the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show.

Jeff Lupient briefly sheds light on the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show

The 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show provided the people of Minneapolis with the opportunity to check out and compare more than 600 vehicles. They got to compare automobiles from 36 foreign and domestic brands side by side, without having to drive all over the town.

The 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in the March of 2019. At this event, visitors could see automobile models in almost every category, ranging from family sedans and compacts to the latest luxury cars and SUVs. Attracting attendees from varying backgrounds, the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show also showcased a variety of trucks delivering high convenience, utility and mileage, along with a host of luxury features. The attendees of the event could learn more about diverse tech advancements in automobiles, including communication technology, in-dash navigation, audio enhancements, and so on.

There were many advantageous aspects of the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show, one of the best one being that it was not simply limited to checking out vehicles and their features. Instead, the attendees also got to learn about discerning financing options and leasing availability they could avail to acquire the automobiles they liked. Moreover, rather than just dreaming about the experience of driving a sleek, shiny new sports car, people got to turn this dream into a reality at the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show. Attendees who desired to drive the vehicle of their dreams simply could visit the Ride & Drive exhibit present at the event. This exhibit was designed to enable people to go behind the wheel and test drive the latest in automotive technology on the Minneapolis streets.

In the opinion of Jeff Lupient, family fun has been among the key components of the Twin Cities Auto Show ever since it started. The 46th edition of the event was no different. Multiple fun-filled activities were hosted at the event, like Camp Jeep, The Neighborhood, Crime-Fighting Cars, and more. These events made the auto show highly thrilling and memorable for all the attendees. Regardless of it one had plans to purchase a brand new car or a truck, the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show gave the people of Minneapolis a chance to find the perfect vehicle for their needs. Auto enthusiasts particularly got an incredible opportunity to see in-person the vehicles they had always heard and read about.


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