Best fat burner

Best fat burner: how to choose well?


The use of a fat burner, fat burner or Fat Burner in English, aims to stimulate the metabolism , activate the energy production of our body, in order to lose fat .

The different types of abdominal fat burner accelerate lipolysis , therefore the transformation of fat into energy.

By mobilizing these fats instead of storing them, the fat mass is reduced. These are mostly mixtures of active ingredients from plants and stimulants that increase the temperature and accelerate destocking.

Mobilizing fat can be done in two ways: by increasing the basic metabolism or by facilitating the destocking of fat .

This is done through the metabolism of our cells or mitochondria. A permanent exchange of energy takes place in the form of ATP, adenosine tri-phosphate. This ATP is constantly renewed: according to a cycle of destruction, recycling and resynthesis.

This cycle releases heat and maintains the temperature. During an effort, the temperature increases and the metabolism increases , to produce energy. This is also true with food intake. In people who tend to get fat, energy is stored in fatty tissue instead of being wasted as heat.

The disadvantages of the diet are compensated most of the time by the fat burners. These take into account the failure factors of the diet, such as hunger, fatigue or loss of energy, slowing of the metabolism, likely to nullify the previous efforts.

The fat burner for athletes or not is the ideal solution to restart these mechanisms by helping your body on one or more of these levels or, on all these levels. To increase the speed of your results and your fat loss, the important thing is to combine weight loss diet , training and fat burning food supplement .

Their goal: to help lose fat and weight

The principle of a fat burner is to help lose weight in the best conditions , by providing various nutrients and effective ingredients. A fat burner is often used at specific times , either to facilitate dieting or to target fat loss , especially during periods of cutting .

Drying is allowing the fat under the skin to disappear in order to make your muscles more apparent, sharper. Indeed, following a diet is sometimes complicated because of the feeling of tenacious hunger. And as the metabolism slows down, lipolysis, the phenomenon of fat burning and elimination, is less successful.

Speed ​​up metabolism

Some supplements can also boost metabolism by up to about 30% . These supplements will help to waste calories , by increasing cellular exchanges, which releases more heat by mobilizing energy reserves and mainly those from adipose tissue.

What type of effective fat burner to choose?

To make the right choice among fat burners, here is how the different types of supplements available on the market work:

Thermogenic fat burners

Thermogenic fat burners or thermogenics based on stimulants like Guarana, Caffeine or Green Tea accelerate the breakdown of fats in the mitochondria . You will optimize the fat burning process and the release of fatty acids from adipose tissue.

In short, you ‘ll turn fat into energy more efficiently . It is particularly useful during dry periods to quickly improve muscle quality and obtain lean and toned muscles.

The presence of stimulating plants such as caffeine, green tea or guarana can disturb some people sensitive to these stimulants. You need to find the right stimulant-free fat burner alternative to avoid nausea, palpitations, anxiety…

This presence of stimulants is at the origin of a widespread idea that fat burners are dangerous for the heart, the limit is in fact the same as for the consumption of coffee: these stimulants are for healthy people not having no heart problems

It is difficult and even impossible to obtain a localized action on the loss of fat which is always generalized via a balanced diet or by using a fat burner. This is the usefulness of a slimming fat-burning cream that localizes the burning of fat with local action only.

These products are applied with a strong massage that act directly on the stomach, hips or buttocks thanks to a cryogenic heat or cold effect.

What is an effective fat burner?

The two main axes for burning fat are, on the one hand, to slow down the entries and, on the other hand, to accelerate the exits.


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