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5 sites to sell clothes online in 2023 as a professional


Are you a fashion entrepreneur and want to sell clothes online? In this article, discover 5 online sales sites to consider as a professional.

There are several ways to sell clothes online: create your own clothing brand , sell in print-on-demand or resell new or used items purchased from a wholesaler. We’ll go over options suitable for each of these business models.

To help you sell better online, we also provide an overview of the fashion market and major trends. It is important to understand consumer expectations before embarking on online sales!

The fashion industry is increasingly digital. According to the 2021 e-commerce key figures report by the Fevad (e-commerce and distance selling federation), more than one in two Internet users (53.9%) now make online purchases in the fashion and clothing categories. .

In clothing, it is even 21% of the sector’s turnover that is made online. This figure is constantly increasing, and the Covid has helped to install new habits. Consumers who preferred to buy in store turned to the Internet in the context of the closure of physical stores and fitting rooms.

In fact, the Trade Alliance’s 2021 Textile & Clothing Consumption Report shows the spectacular growth in the sale of clothing online. While in-store sales were down 16% in 2021 compared to 2019, online clothing sales increased by 113% over the same period! The clothing sector is therefore undergoing a real transformation.

Other major trends and developments in the fashion sector: second-hand, made in France and eco-responsibility. An OpinionWay poll for Les Echos and the National Clothing Federation conducted in March 2022 reveals that 66% of French people are ready to turn away from clothing brands

Nevertheless, while fashion is becoming more sustainable, it remains one of the business sectors where impulse purchases are the most important and fashionistas often seek the fashion factor above all else.

So what are the key success factors for a fashion brand in 2023?

Selling online, choosing the right site to sell your clothes (we’ll come back to this right after and explain how to sell clothes online).

Attractive product photos to attract and seduce customers.

Good visibility on social networks , where many consumers discover new fashion items, especially thanks to influencers, micro-influencers and nano-influencers .

A well thought-out return policy , to reassure the consumer and encourage them to buy.


Sell ​​clothes online

Shopify is an e-commerce platform with everything you need to sell clothes online. It is possible to create your online store in a few clicks, from the available templates and without any technical or graphic skills. You can easily configure your product sheets , with detailed information on your items.

Whatever your brand identity, Shopify allows you to create a site that reflects your image and reflects your DNA. So whether you’re a small, sharp brand or a more mainstream fashion brand, Shopify will meet your needs.

An important aspect of Shopify is the dashboard which gives you an overview of your business, sales, and inventory. You also have marketing tools and features to help you increase your visibility and revenue.

With Shopify, you can therefore have a professional online clothing sales site, from 27 euros per month. Also, if you have a brick-and-mortar store, Shopify allows your online and in-store business to sync seamlessly with Shopify POS.

  1. The advantages of Shopify
  2. A clean online sales site, of which you control all aspects
  3. Advanced customization options
  4. Tools and features to boost your sales
  5. A free trial period

Another channel to explore for selling clothes online is creating a Facebook store. More and more people buy directly on social networks as part of “ social commerce ”.

Facebook is the most used social network in France and around the world. This is why many fashion brands are investing in the social network, with Facebook ads to reach a large audience and the creation of Facebook shops.

You can create a Facebook Shop for free, but you must have a business page. A Facebook shop consists of a catalog of products, which can be grouped into collections.

However, if they wish to purchase the item, it is not possible to complete the transaction within the Facebook application.

Indeed, payment features within Facebook are currently only available in the United States. This is why Facebook shops in France refer to brand sites.

To date, a Facebook shop is therefore more of a tool to increase visibility and generate traffic than a solution for selling clothes online. Facebook can also allow you to test different approaches, such as live shopping or “live shopping”.


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