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There is no denying it, the fat burner is the best companion for fitness enthusiasts. But with all the products on the market, how do you recognize the best supplement?

Exercising is an effective way to shed excess pounds and sculpt your body, but it can often take time. Accelerating fat loss , a fat burner can give you a boost in reaching your goals. Knowing that there are different types of fat burners on the market, we will guide you in choosing the most suitable dietary supplement.

Choosing a Fat Burner Based on Goals

Since each dietary supplement works differently, choosing the best fat burner depends on the desired result. Depending on their composition, fat burners will exploit different biological processes in the body:

Energy consumption

Water retention


The use of lipids

There are thus different forms of fat burners whose title does not necessarily represent the mode of action. Checking the composition of fat burners is essential in order to understand their interest and direct your choice towards the most suitable for your objectives.

Thermogenic fat burners

Thermogenic fat burners are considered the most common and powerful of all . Accelerating metabolic activity, the ingredients from thermogenic fat burners cause an increased increase in energy consumption. It is a mixture of several substances, the majority of which are caffeine and green tea.

As their name suggests, thermogenic fat burners produce heat in our body. Thus, during physical exercises, the calorie expenditure generated is relatively high after using this type of supplement. For a quick result , thermogenic fat burners are unquestionably the best.

There are several types of thermogenics in capsule form on the market, but in our opinion, The Thermo X thermogenic will give you complete satisfaction in your weight loss goal. If you want a less potent formula, consider Thermopure Boost. At the end of the diet, you can choose between these two products to get rid of the last few pounds .

diuretic fat burners

Diuretic fat burners are widely used by bodybuilders looking to sharpen up . They also give a boost to burn excess fat. Diuretics draw their aesthetic benefits from their effect on increasing urinary secretions.

Water loss refines the silhouette and makes it possible, when approaching a competition for example, to appear drier. If your body is more than 50-60% water , diuretic fat burners are your solution, as they can hunt down water that is no longer needed in our body.

This dietary supplement will be of great help to you if you wish to adopt a diuretic slimming program . You can take diuretic medication or follow a diet with diuretic foods such as green tea, hibiscus, hawkweed, grape pomace, and green leafy fruits and vegetables.

Green tea is the most common ingredient in fat burners of this type, being itself considered a natural diuretic. If you occasionally drink green tea, consider a less potent formula like green tea extract . Green tea extract in tablets is the most practical solution to refine the silhouette. To prepare your own drinks, powdered green tea extract will be the most appropriate supplement.

Appetite suppressant fat burners

Sometimes it is difficult to control the appetite. This feeling of hunger always makes us want to snack, which can be problematic when it comes to losing weight . For many, the problem does not lie in the energy expenditure, but rather in the contributions initiated by a permanent hunger, sometimes uncontrollable.

Fortunately, several tips exist, including appetite suppressant fat burners. Thanks to their composition, appetite-suppressing fat burners promote metabolic behavior (secretion of hormones, slowing of digestion, etc.) causing a reduction in the feeling of hunger .

You will be able to reduce the feeling of hunger thanks to the appetite suppressant fat burners. Like anorectic drugs , they reduce your appetite. “Appetite suppressant” fat burners are usually made with ingredients that produce a similar effect.

Lipolytic fat burners

Lipolytic fat burners are a kind of medicine. Their composition allows the release of lipids stored in the adipocytes which are then used as a source of energy by the organism.

This type of fat burner is undoubtedly one of the most reliable , thanks to the use of elements such as CLA or L-Carnitine. CLA is recognized for its benefits in reducing the percentage of body fat. Carnitine increases overall energy levels through improved mitochondrial efficiency, in addition to promoting the use of fat as energy .

Now that you are aware of the different types of fat burners, it is now up to you to choose the type of fat burner that will match your ambitions, depending on the desired effect!

The effectiveness of fat burners

Fat burners suffer from an image constructed by the sometimes cultured resonance of their title. Indeed, weight loss is such a popular goal , but paradoxically, so difficult to initiate or maintain, that a solution presented as easily accessible, effective and simple will inexorably make people envious. The term “fat burner” thus gives off the image of a capsule supposed to dissolve even the smallest particle of this formidable enemy.

However, if the so-called “fat burner” supplements have demonstrated their effectiveness, it is as a “support” for a diet adapted to objectives related to weight loss and not as a miracle and exclusive solution. To lose weight, the fat-burning method is very effective provided that we follow certain rules.

First of all, we must adopt the fat burner food supplement adapted to our body . Then we must clearly distinguish the fats in the part of the body to be eliminated (the belly, the hips, the buttocks, etc.). The last rules are respecting the prescribed dose, doing regular physical activity and eating properly.


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